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Atari Emulation
ARAnyM - 1.1.0 (Apr 14, 2019)
Virtual machine software for running Atari ST/TT/Falcon030 operating systems and TOS/GEM applications on any kind of hardware.

Atari800 - 4.2.0 (Dec 28, 2019)
Atari 8-Bit emulator available for many platforms, including the Atari Falcon030 and FireBee.

BeePi - 2.0 (Jul 7, 2021)
Turn your Raspberry Pi into an Atari Computer (ST, STE, TT030, or Falcon030) with just a few clicks. Compatible with both the RPi4 and RPi3.

FX68K is fully synchronus 68000 cycle accurate core written in SystemVerilog.

Hatari - 2.5.0 (Apr 18, 2024) - New version!
Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon030 emulator for GNU/Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Windows.

Hatari development builds (Linux and Windows)
Continuous development builds of Hatari for Linux and Windows. For the latest build click here.

Hatari development builds (macOS)
Continuous development builds of Hatari for macOS.

hrdb - 0.005 (Dec 31, 2021)
Debugger with a graphical user interface for Hatari.

Rastari - 1.0.0 (Nov 23, 2018)
Rastari allows you to use your Raspberry Pi for emulating an Atari Computer (ST, STE, TT030, or Falcon030).

SainT - 2.4 (Dec 12, 2015)
Windows based cycle accurate Atari ST emulator.

Steem SSE - 4.1.2 R14 (Dec 31, 2023)
Open source Atari ST and STE emulator (based on Steem Engine) for Windows and Linux.

Atari TOS images
Images of all TOS versions (in multiple languages) released by Atari.

EmuTOS - 1.3 (Mar 17, 2024) - New version!
EmuTOS is an open source operating system for Atari computers and emulators with features similar to TOS.

Arananet RetroProducts
Hardware shop for retro computers that among other things carries an internal SCSI adapter for the Falcon030 and a compact version of the SatanDisk.

Atarian Computing
Primarily sells restored Atari computers, but also TOS ROMs and some other hardware add-ons.

Best Electronics
Replacement parts and accessories for all Atari game systems and computers.

Black Cat Hardware
Schematics for many Atari computers and a hardware shop selling Atari test cartridges, Falcon030/TT memory expansions, Falcon030 NVRAM replacements, and more!
Parts and components for Atari (and Amiga) computers.

CosmosEx 3.0
A redesign of the ultimate hardware add-on for the Atari. Provides mass storage using SD cards or USB media, FDD emulation, network support with shared folders, USB mouse, keyboard and joystick support, and more.

David's Falcon Booster (DFB)
Open Source 68030 accelerator card with TT-RAM for the Atari Falcon030.

Exxos Store
Atari hardware shop with an impressive selection of Atari kits, upgrades and spare parts.

Falcon030 clock patch
Explanation of the clock patch for Falcon030 computers, including the history of all known schematic diagrams and PCB revisions.

HxC Floppy Emulator
Floppy disk drive replacement (with SD card or USB port) for the Atari.

The ImpoSTer adapter is a keyboard/mouse emulator for the Atari 16/32 computers. It plugs into the keyboard port of the Atari and has a passthrough port for attaching the original keyboard. The ImpoSTer also features two DB9 joystick ports and two USB ports for keyboard/mouse and USB hubs. The ImpoSTer also can attach to a PC and allow an Atari Keyboard/Mouse/Joysticks to be used on a PC.
At Atari-Forum: New board: ImpoSTer (USB keyboard/mouse & more)

Inventronik GmbH
Hardware shop selling the GigaFile SD Card Drive and the Suska board (the Atari STE reimplemented in a single FPGA).

Jookie's Home Page
Home of several Atari hardware projects, such as the UltraSatan and CosmosEx.

Lightning ST: USB and IDE Interface (ST)
Internal add-on card for the Atari ST that provides an IDE interface and two USB interfaces. Contact thunderstorm[at]tuxie[dot]de, for more information and availability.
At Atari-Forum: Lightning ST - USB & IDE for STs - Ready to order!

Lightning VME: USB Interface (MegaSTE/TT030)
Internal plug-in card that provides the Atari TT and the MegaSTE with two USB interfaces. Contact thunderstorm[at]tuxie[dot]de, for more information and availability.
At Exxos Forum: Lightning VME open Order.

OSSC (Open Source Scan Converter)
The optimal solution for connecting your Atari (or any other old computer or video game console) to a modern monitor or TV.

The ultimate/official online source for the CT2/CT60/CTPCI Falcon030 hardware accelerators.

The LaST Upgrade
Guides to many hardware modifications of the Atari 16/32 computers.

Hardware shop with hardware add-ons for many retro computers, including the Atari.

The Atari ST (and many other systems) reimplemented in an FPGA.

Inexpensive and simple solution for file transfers between your Atari and Windows/macOS/Linux computer. Also provides scripting and remote execution of exectuable files.

Raven - New!
A new Atari 16/32 clone based on a 68060 CPU and EmuTOS.

Recovering Atari ST ASIC Designs
Schematics of Atari ST computer chips.

A cartridge emulator for the Atari ST, STE, and Mega series on Raspberry Pi Pico steroids.

Hardware store selling Atari computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, cables, etc.

Storm ST: 8 MB Alt-RAM extension with RTC (ST)
Internal add-on card for the Atari ST that provides 8 MB Alt-RAM, a RTC, and the possibility of further add-ons. For orders and inquiries, contact thunderstorm[at]tuxie[dot]de.
At Atari-Forum: Storm ST: 8 MB Alt-RAM + RTC + more

Storm: TT-RAM extension (TT030)
Plug and play memory extension for the Atari TT030, allowing up to 256 MB TT-RAM using standard PS/2 memory modules. Both FastPage and EDO burst modes are supported. Contact thunderstorm[at]tuxie[dot]de for more information and availability.

Thunder: IDE Interface (TT030)
IDE interface for the Atari TT030 with transfer rates up to 6 MB/s. For more information and availability, contact thunderstorm[at]tuxie[dot]de.

An open-source FGPA based development cartridge for Atari computers. Use its built-in debugger and upload executables via USB or share a folder on your PC and access its contents on your Atari. Available now! Buy directly from the designer/maker.

UltraSatan Case (for 3d printing)
An alternative case for the UltraSatan, showcased here.

AHCC - 6.0 (Nov 27, 2020)
A Pure C compatible compiler/assembler for Atari 16/32 computers.

Anodyne Software
Home of ExtenDOS, CD Writer Suite and Diamond Edge for Atari 16/32 computers. Diamond Edge has been released as open source and ExtenDOS as freeware.

Apex Media - 2.41+ (Apr 13, 2015)
Commercial graphics package for the Atari Falcon030 now available for free.

Atari ST - Essential Software
A collection of software for Atari 16/32 computers available for download.

CD Writer Suite - 4.1 (Apr 2, 2019)
The suite of software for writing CDs and DVDs from Anodyne Software is now available as freeware!

CT60 Boot ROM - 1.05 (Mar 6, 2019)
A bugfixed and enhanced (Setup, CTPCI IDE Support) Boot ROM for your CT60/CT63/CT60e.

CT60 Software Package - 1.03c (Jul 13, 2005)
Software and software patches for the CT60/CT63/CT60e.

Diamond Edge - 2.57 (Jan 22, 2017)
The well-known disk management tool, previously distributed by Oregon Research. Now released as open-source!

DISKUS Mass Storage Tool - 3.99.4 (Aug 14, 2022)
A powerful tool for maintaining FAT16 file systems and mass storage devices (error analysis, data recovery, sector editor, sending of SCSI commands and much more). German version.

ExtenDOS - 4.1 (Sep 18, 2016)
Provides access to CDs through most SCSI and ATAPI CD-ROM drives and CD recorders. In addition, ExtenDOS 4 supports standard MMC DVD drives, both readers and recorders! Now released as freeware!

FreeMiNT Project
Website serving as a frontend for the freemint github repositories. See the "All FreeMiNT builds again available and more!" thread at Atari-Forum for more information.

HDDriver - 12.04 (Apr 3, 2024) - New version!
The most versatile driver for mass storage devices on Atari 16/32 computers. Commercial software.

Falcdate - 1.0.4 (Oct 2, 2020)
Use the internet connection of your Atari Falcon030 to work around a flat battery in the NVRAM chip.

GCC for FreeMiNT - 7.5.0 (Dec 30, 2019)
The GCC compiler ported for FreeMiNT.

Geneva - 1.0.8 (Feb 11, 2018)
The previously commercial multi-tasking environment Geneva from Gribnif Software is now available as freeware.

InsaneBoot - 1.0 (April 29, 2020)
Boot manager for handling multiple boot configurations.

KK Commander - 1.6g (May 10, 2024) - New version!
Clone of Total Commander for Atari 16/32 computers (GEM application).

KRONOS Atari Bench - 2.50 (Mar, 2021)
Software for measuring the performance of Atari TOS compatible computers.

Litchi - 1.3j (May 9, 2024) - New version!
FTP client able to handle secure connections for Atari 16/32 computers (GEM application).

MaxYMiser - 1.62 (Apr 11, 2024) - New version!
One of the best and most up-to-date chip trackers for the Atari ST and STE. Also compatible with the Atari TT030 and Falcon030.

MJ Mail - 0.1.77 (Apr 2, 2019)
Mail client with very modest system requirements, a built-in text editor, and up to 9 user profiles. For any Atari TOS computer with at least 1MB of RAM (GEM application).

MyAES - 0.99 Patch 1 (Dec 31, 2023)
Alternative and more modern AES (graphical user interface) for Atari 16/32 computers.

NeoDesk 4 - 4.0.6 (Feb 11, 2018)
The previously commercial desktop replacement NeoDesk 4 from Gribnif Software is now available as freeware.

NetUSBee USB drivers - 8 (Dec 12, 2022)
USB drivers for the NetUSBee.

Nova drivers
Drivers from Idek for the Nova graphics adapter.

ORCS - 2.18 (Aug 13, 2020)
An editor for GEM resource files. Also available for Windows 32-Bit and 64-Bit computers.

PARRUN for PARCP-USB - 1.2 (Aug 17, 2017)
PARRUN allows you to transfer an Atari TOS executable into the memory of your Atari and directly execute it from there without any RAM-disk or disk access.

PFTP - 1.0 (Aug 10, 2018)
PFTP is an FTP client for use with Atari systems under plain TOS, using STiK or STinG networking.

PhotoChrome ST/e - 6.30 (Jun 23, 2020)
Image viewer and converter for the Atari ST and STE. Using different techniques, up to 226,981 colors (at once) are possible on the Atari STE.

PP Hard Disk Driver
Hard disk driver for the Atari 16/32 computers with a minimal memory footprint. Supports ACSI and IDE (Falcon030). Commercial software.

Probe House Software
Software for Atari TOS compatible computers that make use of high color modes, larger screen resolutions, and networking capabilities.

STinG driver for Asix USB-to-Ethernet adapters - (Jul 13, 2015)
Driver for the STinG TCP/IP stack for Atari computers running TOS. It will work with USB-to-Ethernet adapters based on the Asix AX88772 chipset connected to a suitable USB host adapter on the Atari, e.g., the Lightning VME or the Unicorn.

TeraDesk - 4.08 (Aug 19, 2019)
Open source alternative desktop for Atari 16/32 computers.

Troll - 1.8f (Aug 3, 2019)
Usenet reader and e-mail client for Atari 16/32 computers (GEM application).

TTrack - 1.04 (Apr 7, 2022)
A new chip-tracker for the Atari ST from Reservoir Gods.

Turbochip - 0.48 (Jan 21, 2019)
An extremely promising and new 7-channel softsynth tracker/sequencer for the Atari STE. Also compatible with the TT030 and the Falcon030. A couple of demo songs are available on youtube: Sweet and Demo.

uDump - 1.02 (Dec 27, 2021)
TOS ROM dump tool compatible with all Atari 16/32 computers.

uip-tools - 310 (Aug 9, 2020)
Upload or download files to/from your TOS machine with a NetUSBee compatible network adapter. MiNT or Sting is not needed; uip-tools include a TCP/IP stack with DHCP support.

VanillaMiNT - 1.19 (Mar 24, 2017)
Small and basic FreeMiNT setup for any Atari with a 68030, 68040, or 68060 CPU.

YAART - (Mar 13, 2021)
Software for testing ST-RAM and Alt-RAM/TT-RAM.

zView - 1.0.2 (Aug 25, 2019)
Plugin based image and PDF browser with conversion capabilities for Atari TOS computers (GEM application). More codecs are available in the "New zView available!" thread at Atari-Forum.

Atari Related Software for Other Platforms
Motorola DSP56001 development environment including a simulator and debugger for Windows and Linux.

DemoBaseST - 1.20 (Aug 5, 2023)
A compilation of Atari ST demos for Windows computers. Browse thousands of demos and run them in the emulator with a simple double click.

DSP Cross Dev Tools - (Jan 29, 2019)
Cross platform DSP development tools for Linux.

EASy68K - 5.16.1 (Mar 16, 2018)
Motorola 68000 development environment including an editor, assembler and simulator for Windows.

m68k-atari-mint cross tools - GCC 14.1.0 (May 10, 2024) - New version!
GCC cross-compiler tools for producing executables for the Atari 16/32 computers. Available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and MiNT.

RMAC 68000 Macro Assembler - 2.2.15 (Mar 20, 2023)
A new and updated version of the RMAC assembler originally developed by Atari Corporation. Online Reference Manual.

vasm - 1.9f (Nov 10, 2023)
Cross-assembler with support for the Atari TOS executable format.

vbcc - 0.9h patch 3 (May 22, 2022)
ISO C cross-compiler with support for the Atari TOS executable format.

vlink - 0.17a (Sep 22, 2022)
Cross-linker with support for the Atari TOS executable format.

Alice's Mom's Rescue
Platformer game in the pure style of retro pixel art for Atari Falcon030 computers equipped with the CT60/CT63 accelerator.

Alice Sisters
Platformer game for the Atari Falcon030.

Atari Legend
Extensive database of games and reviews of Atari ST games. Also features interviews with game developers from the Atari ST era.

Atari ST Game Adaptions
A collection of over 1100 Atari ST games adapted to run on more recent versions of TOS and from a hard disk or any other mass storage. Many of them will also work on the MegaSTE, Falcon030 and TT030.

Atari Quake 2: Anomalous Code (Jun 5, 2015)
A demonstration of DML's phenomenal Quake 2 engine running on a stock 16MHz Falcon030.

Athanor 2 (Nov 14, 2020)
New game for the Atari ST from Safar Games. There is even a limited quantity of a boxed version available!

Automation Compact Disks
Archive with all Automation compact game disks available as MSA disk images.

Bad Mood - 0.37 (2017)
Improved (and fully playable) version of the classic game Doom for the Atari Falcon030. No accelerator required.

Bugziacs (Jun 1, 2019)
A conversion of the classic ZX Spectrum game for the Atari ST. A write-up on the work involved in the conversion of the game is available here.

Cho Ren Sha 68k - Beta 1 (Jul 16, 2015)
Conversion of the Sharp X68000 game Cho Ren Sha 68k for Atari Falcon030 computers with at least 14MB of RAM.

D-Bug Compact Disks
Searchable archive with all D-Bug compact game disks available as MSA disk images.

Droid: STE Edition (Nov 29, 2020)
A complete rewrite of Droid for the Atari STE, taking advantage of the Blitter, hardware scrolling, DMA Audio, etc. Read more about the work done at Atari-Forum.

Dune II / OpenDUNE (Dec 22, 2020)
Dune II / OpenDUNE port for the Atari ST/STE, Falcon030 and TT030. If run on an Atari ST/STE, an accelerator with a 68030 CPU is required.

Myst like point & click adventure game for the Atari Falcon030.

Escape 2042 (Jun 20, 2018)
Futuristic 2D platformer for the Atari STE. A physical edition is available for purchase from Côté Gamers.

Final Fight for the Atari Falcon030 (May 27, 2023)
Conversion of the arcade version of Final Fight for the Atari Falcon030. Works on any Atari Falcon030 (compatible/accelerated) computer with 14MB ST-RAM.

Giana Sisters STE (May 3, 2014)
Improved version of the game Giana Sisters for the Atari STE.

Iceblox Plus - 1.0.1 (Jan 1, 2019)
Pengo-like game with excellent graphics and animations for the Atari ST. A physical edition is available for purchase from Côté Gamers.

Klax: STE Edition (2017)
Play Klax from your hard disk with DMA sound (Atari STE and Falcon030). Read more about the work done at Atari-Forum.

Klaz' Hideaway: Fresh versions of old games
Patched versions of many old Atari ST games that allow them to run from hard disks and on newer Atari computers such as the MegaSTE, Falcon030 and TT.

l'Abbaye des Morts (Dec 9, 2020)
A conversion of the platform game l'Abbaye des Morts (The Abbey of the Dead) for the Atari Falcon030.

Lotus STE - 1.0 (Apr 10, 2021)
Improved version of the game Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge for the Atari STE (works only on Atari ST machines equipped with the Blitter chip). Read more about the work done at Atari-Forum. Don't have an Atari STE? Have a look at the recording done by Steve [AtariCrypt].

Medway Boys Compact Disks
Archive with all Medway Boys compact game disks available as ST disk images.

Old Games Finder
Find and download games for your Atari (and other platforms).

Old Towers (Dec 24, 2021)
Old Towers from RetroSouls is now available for the Atari ST.

Pacmania STE (Mar 7, 2015)
Improved version of the game Pacmania for the Atari STE.

Myst like point & click adventure game for the Atari Falcon030. The sequel to the game Elansar.

Pole Position STE (Sep 24, 2017)
Conversion of the arcade version of Pole Position for the Atari STE.

PM Doom
A Doom port for any Atari with a 68020+ or Coldfire CPU.

Quartet Deluxe (Nov 13, 2017)
Atari STE conversion of the game Quartet from Photon Storm.

R0x Zer0 (Nov 3, 2018)
Shoot-em up for the Atari STE released at Sillyventure 2018.

R-Type Deluxe (Dec 24, 2015)
Improved version of the game R-Type for the Atari STE.

Toggle (Dec 13, 2021)
A puzzle game for the Atari STE and Falcon030 computers. Created by Dune and Sector One.

Whack A Virus! (Jul 15, 2020)
Lovely whac-a-mole game for all Atari computers that can display the ST-Mono video mode. Released at Sommarhack 2020.

Worms Engine 060 - 1.0 (Dec 25, 2016)
Worms for CT60/CT63 accelerated Falcon030 computers.

Remixes of a large number of Atari ST chiptunes by Tobias Jansson. Also, have a look at his website and Facebook page.

Oxygene SNDH Web player
Play your favorite SNDH piece of music in the web browser!

SNDH archive - 4.8 (Feb 5, 2023)
The largest collection of Atari ST chip music!

Soundcloud: !Cube
!Cube knows how to push the YM-chip beyond all limits and has composed some of the best and most advanced Atari ST chip-tunes, ever!

Soundcloud: 505 (fiveofive)
Listen to the music created by one of the top Atari demoscene musicians, 505.

Soundcloud: Ultrasyd
Extremely talanted chiptune musician that managed to bring lots of new energy into the Atari scene with his amazing beats, melodies and style! Watch Ultrasyd perform live at Square Sounds Tokyo 2015. Ultrasyd tragically passed away on October 15, 2020. RIP! We will never forget you!

Manuals, Documents and Articles
A new Atari STE bad DMA investigation
A comprehensive investigation and explanation of the root cause of data corruption that some revisions of the Atari STE suffer from. After over 30 years, the mystery is finally solved by Christian Zietz and the ThunderStorm team. Atari ST Manuals
Archive with many official Atari documents and third party hardware/software documents/manuals/books.

Atari Document Archive
Preservation of official Atari documents and third party hardware/software documents/manuals/books.

Atari-Forum Wiki
The Wiki is back! A wealth of knowledge in form of 1000+ articles on various subjects within the range of Atari 16/32 computers.

Atari ST MC68000 Assembly Language Tutorials
A set of tutorials created by perihelion with the intention to start people in the "art and science" of coding the Atari ST series of computers in assembly.

Bus Error
Wiki with information for Atari 16/32 programmers.

A Guide to GEM Programming in C using AHCC
Document on how to writing GEM applications in C using AHCC.

NewTosWorld Wiki
Extensive German Atari wiki with information on Atari hardware, peripherals, operating systems, software, and magazines.

Archive of game instruction manuals for many different platforms, including the Atari ST.

Documentation of TOS, with additional information MagiC, N.AES, MyAES, Geneva, XaAES, oAESis and some emulators.

50 ST Games you have to play
A review of the 50 best ST games you have to play. Each game is presented in full colour with a double-page that includes a small review, box shot, screen shots and more.

Atari Inc. Business Is Fun
The story about Atari Inc. (1972-1984).

Breaking the Borders - The Atari ST and the Creative People, Volume 1
Book about the Atari demoscene during the early years, 1984-1990.

Beyond the Borders - The Atari ST and the Creative People, Volume 2
Book about the Atari demoscene during the years 1991-1993.

Return of the Borders - The Atari ST and the Creative People, Volume 3
Book about the Atari demoscene during the years 1994-1998.

Faster Than Light: The Atari ST and the 16-Bit Revolution
A book offering a look at the history of the Atari ST and Atari Corporation.

GameGuide - Jaguar>
Soon to be released! Pre-Orders will be available early 2024!

GameGuide - Lynx
Full History of the Atari Lynx. Review of all officially released games. Hardware, interviews, resources and more!

GameGuide - ST
Full History of the Atari ST. Reviews of 70 games. Hardware, interviews, resources and more!

Historien om UDS
The history about UDS, the company behind the Atari STE games Obsession and Substation. Written by the main developer of Substation.

Racing the Beam
A study of the Atari VCS (2600) game console.

We Love Atari, Volume 1
We Love Atari is a tribute to one of the worlds most iconic companies. This is the first volume covering the years 1972-1983.

We Love Atari, Volume 2
We Love Atari is a tribute to one of the worlds most iconic companies. This is the second volume covering the Atari Corp. years from 1984 until the bitter end.

Books: Hardware Reference
DSP56000/DSP56001 User's Manual, rev 2 (1990) (PDF)
The Motorola DSP56001 is used in the Atari Falcon030 computer.

DSP56000 Family Manual (1992) (PDF)
The Motorola DSP56001 is used in the Atari Falcon030 computer.

M68000 Family Programmer's Reference Manual, rev 1 (1992) (PDF)
The Motorola M68000 Family Programmer's Reference Manual (PDF). Errata.

M68000 User's Manual, rev 8 (1993) (PDF)
The M68000 is the CPU of the Atari (Mega) ST, (Mega) STE, STacy, and ST Book.
Addendum to M68000 User Manual.

MC68030 User's Manual, rev 2 (1990) (PDF)
The MC68030 is the CPU of the Atari TT030 and Falcon030.

M68060 User's Manual, rev 1 (1994) (PDF)
The M68060 is used by the CT60(e) and CT63 accelerators for the Atari Falcon030.

MC68881/MC68882 User's Manual, rev 2 (1989) (PDF)
The MC68881/68882 is the FPU of the Atari MegaSTe, TT030, and Falcon030. Also serves as the User's Manual for the integrated FPU of the MC68040 and MC68060 as they share a lot of the instructions.

The Atari Compendium
Comprehensive reference manual for Atari software and hardware designers (PDF).

Home of the Alive disk magazine (2000 - 2007). Issues available online and as MSA disk images.

Atari Fan
New Atari paper magazine in English. The first issue is available at and

Atarimania - Atari Magazines
Huge archive of Atari magazines. Issues available as JPG scans and PDF documents.

Atari ST Review
Issues and cover disks of the Atari ST Review magazine (May 1992 - Jan 1995). Issues available as PDF documents.

Atari World & Atari Computing
Issues of the Atari World magazine (May 1995 - Mar 1996) and the Atari Computing magazine (Sep 1996 - Jan 2000). Issues available as PDF documents.

Classic Computer Magazine Archive
Archive with American Atari magazines, such as STart, ST LOG, and A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing.

Archive with German Atari magazines, such as ST-Computer, Atari Inside, ST-Magazine, Happy Computers, and TOS.

Home of the Maggie disk magazine (1987 - 2000). Issues available as compressed file archives (LZH/ZIP).

Maggie 25th Anniversary - Jan 23, 2016
HTML version of the 25th anniversary issue of Maggie.

Issues of the myatari magazine (Oct 2000 - Feb 2005).

RetroMagazine World
Free digital (PDF) retro magazine. New issues released on a monthly/bi-monthly basis.

The Recollection Magazine
A magazine focusing on the past scene glory, the unwritten rules, how things worked back then and how it all came to be. Not Atari related, but for anyone interested in demoscene history, this is a gold mine.

The classic German ST-Computer magazine is now a free magazine, released bi-monthly. Focus is on the Atari 16/32 computers. Issues available as PDF documents.

The ST Format Shrine
Issues of the ST/Amiga Format and ST Format magazine (Jul 1988 - Sep 1996). Issues available as PDF documents.

ST Format Cover Disks
Cover disks of the ST Format magazine.

ST Format Subscribers' Wonder Disks
Subscribers' wonder disks of the ST Format magazine.

Home of the ST NEWS disk magazine (1986 - 1996). Issues available online and as ST disk images.

The 68000 Wars
Story about the Motorola 68000 based computers with focus on the Amiga, but the Atari ST and Atari Corporation get some covarage as well.
- Part 1: Lorraine
- Part 2: Jack is Back!
- Part 3: We Made Amiga, They Fucked It Up
- Part 4: Rock Lobster
- Part 5: The Age of Multimedia

Atari Crypt
A very active Atari blog with an impressive amount of contents!

The Encyclopedia of Atari Demos
Atari demo blog by ST Survivor.

Landon Dyer (Atari)
A series of blog posts by Landon Dyer, an ex-Atari employee.
- Once Upon Atari
- The Atari ST: part 1, 2
- How the Atari ST almost had Real Unix

Troed Sångberg (SYNC) - it's in my head
A series of blog posts by Troed Sångberg, member of the Atari demo crew SYNC.
- Atari Mega STE battery replacement
- Atari ST new video modes
- Atari ST picoPSU replacement
- Atari ST wakestate nudger
- Dallas RTC sync + TOS Y2K fix

Vintage Computer Stories
Stories from people involved in developing the early home computers.

Chuck Peddle (Motorola/MOS/Commodore) - Jun 2014
Interview with Chuck Peddle, who was involved in the development of the microprocessors 6800 and 6502, as well as many of the Commodore computers.

Daniel Hedberg (New Beat) - Jan 2019
The un-edited full interview with Daniel Hedberg (New Beat), made for the book Return of the Borders - The Atari ST and the Creative People, Volume 3.

Leonard Tramiel (Atari/Commodore)
Interviews with Commodore and Atari legend Leonard Tramiel.
Arcade Attack - May 2020
Toronto PET Users Group (YouTube interview) - April 2023

Niklas Malmqvist (Tanis/TCB) - Oct 2019
Interview with Niklas Malmqvist (Tanis/TCB) in Swedish (Spelskaparna podcast).

Oskar Burman (UDS) - Aug 2018
Interview with Oskar Burman, main developer of the Atari STE game Substation from UDS.

Per Almered (UDS) - Jul 2013
Interview with Per Almered (Excellence in Art), who created the music for the Atari STE game Obsession from UDS.

Reimund Dratwa (Ray/.tSCc.) - Oct 2019
Interview with Reimund Dratwa (Ray/.tSCc.), developer of the Wolfenstein 3D for the Atari ST.

Tord Jansson (UDS) - Jun 28, 2018
Interview with Tord Jansson, one of the developers at UDS, the creators of the Atari STE games Obsession and Substation.

Atari-Forum (10,000+ members, 436,000+ posts)
General forum for Atari 16/32 computers and their clones. (740+ members, 164,000+ posts)
German Atari forum for Atari 16/32 computers.

Exxos Forum (2,400+ members, 107,000+ posts)
Hardware forum for Atari 16/32 computers. Also the official support forum for customers of the Exxos Store.

Facebook: Atari Museum (8,500+ members)
A group on the discussion of the history of Atari.

Facebook: Atari ST demoscene (1,800+ members)
Facebook group for people interested in the Atari ST demoscene.

Facebook: Atari ST and STE users (10,000+ members)
Facebook group for Atari ST and STE users.

Facebook: Atari MegaSTE users (800+ members)
Facebook group for Atari MegaSTE users.

Facebook: Atari TT users (560+ members)
Facebook group for Atari TT030 users.

Facebook: Atari Falcon 030 User group (1,900+ members)
Facebook group for Atari Falcon030 users.

TV Shows, Clips, and Commercials
4 Computer Buffs, UK - Feb 25, 1985
Jack Tramiel (Chairman and CEO, Atari) interviewed about the introduction of the Atari 130XE and Atari 520ST.

Atari 1987 Summer CES Sales Video, USA
Atari sales video from the 1987 Summer CES.

Atari 50th Anniversary Interview with Nolan Bushnell
June 27th 2022 marks the 50th Anniversary of Atari. To commemorate the golden anniversary Atari founder, Nolan Bushnell sits down with Wade Rosen to talk about Atari's enormous cultural impact and its enduring legacy to gaming.

Atari STE computer promotional film
Promotional film for the Atari STE.

Musicians and the Atari ST
Atari ST promotional video. As seen throughout the video, you'll spot Lee Ritenour, Dave Grusin, Mick Fleetwood, Scott Gershin, Mike Pinder, Jimmy Hotz and several others favorably admire the music production capabilities that the Atari ST provided during the late 80's.

Nostalgia Nerd: Atari Falcon030
A comprehensive 44 minutes summary of the Atari Falcon030 including the development of the computer, the hardware, the target market, the competitors, and some of the software that was released for it.

Nostalgia Nerd: The Atari ST Story
All about the Atari ST, in 30 minutes by the Nostalgia Nerd.

Novo Line - Against The Clock
Making music with Atari ST computers in 2016.

Live footage from the Personal Computer World Show 1985 in London, UK.

Piece of Crapman - Feb 27, 2021
The story about Synergy, a legendary Atari ST demo crew. Also includes a review of their fantastic Pac-Man clone Crapman.

Repairing an Atari Falcon030 - Nov 13, 2020
Watch Mark (at Mark Fixes Stuff) clean up a Falcon030, replacing all motherboard capacitors and a dead RTC chip, repairing a corroded keyboard and more!

The Computer Chronicles, USA - Apr 8, 1985
Introduction to the Atari ST and interviews with Leonard Tramiel (V.P. Software Development, Atari) and Jack Tramiel (Chairman and CEO, Atari).

The Computer Chronicles, USA - Apr 25, 1985
A look at some of the uses of the Atari ST.

The Computer Chronicles, USA - Dec 3, 1985
Comparison between the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST.

Laird's Lair: The Story of the Atari ST CD
Short documentary covering the story of Atari's CD add-on for the 16-bit ST computer as well as the rumoured ST CD console.

UDS in 1994, Sweden - 1994
A local news station in Sweden visits UDS, the creators of the games Obsession and Substation for the Atari STE.

UDS in 1997, Sweden - 1997
A local news station in Sweden makes a second visit to UDS.

Find, browse, and view Atari ST demoscene productions directly in your browser!

Dead Hackers Society
The home of one of the most active Atari demo crew and a great source of demoscene news and information.
List of demo parties.

Extensive database of demos, demoscene music, graphics, demosceners and demo parties.

Fujiology Archive
Huge archive with practically all demos, games, and tools released by Atari demosceners.

A large repository of source code for Atari 16/32 computers.
Extensive database of demos, demosceners and demo parties.

Retro Gallery
Browse tons of graphics from the demo scene, all platforms!

Sommarhack 2023
The 2023 edition of the Swedish Atari Sommarhack party organized by Dead Hackers Society (July 7 - 9).

HTML 5 conversions of many Atari ST/STE demos.

15kHz monitors
List of monitors compatible with Atari computers. Another list is available at

Atari Disk browser Web Service
Upload and browse disk images in your browser, or convert them to a zip file and download the contents. Supports popular disk image formats such as ST and MSA.

Atari History Timelines
Detailed time lines of the history of Atari in various business entities (Atari Inc., Atari Corp., Atari Games, etc.)

Atari keyboard layouts
The keyboard layouts of Atari 16/32 computers for various countries.

Extensive database of games, utilities, demos, books, videos and ads for all Atari's computers and game consoles.
A massive archive of hardware related documents and software.

Chipmunk for Atari serial numbers
A place for Atari users to register their Atari computers.

HYP View Web Service
Upload and browse hypertext documents in your browser.

Detailed information on Atari hardware, disk image formats, preservation techniques, and much more!

Svenska Atari Klubben (SAK)
A Swedish Atari user organization. Also present on Facebook.