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1. Maggie (English disk magazine)
Review of "Blue - a 4kb intro"
New Beat Design are familiar to all the Falcon owners here through their work on the rather wonderful Rayman-a-like 'Willies Adventures'. Here, we see something of what they might be able to accomplish if they ever do decide to get that demo done that they've been promising to do for a while.

This 4ktro has style and presentation in spadeloads. It was unlucky to be up against the definitive (for now) 4k work by the Dead Hackers Society, otherwise, it should have won the competition at the Orneta Party. This intro, on the other hand, does not need a maths co-processor to work, and is happy on any TOS Falcon as well, which gets it my 'Best behaved Orneta intro' vote!

The title screen comes up with a neat series of title texts with lovely looking bitmap graphics for the text font.. We suspect that they only just got within the 4096 bytes limit for this demo. These titles scroll smoothly onscreen, then up and out, finally, fading to white in time for the main demo to start.

The first major effect is a tunnel/roadway type of screen, as two walls and a roadway draw themselves in a randomly altering direction and wavey sort of way. It is fullscreen, with a distant sky and horizon. There is a coarse and chunky pixelled effect, whether it is to save on program space, or to get the best speed possible on the screen, we don't know.

This executes a smart colour-fade, and we go straight into the next sequence, a zoom and rotate title screen, with the demo logo spinning around with a self-conscious attempt at motion blur. As with the rest of the demo, the look is extremely well done, and top notch with the presentation. This section is almost full screen with a raster type top and bottom border.

We sadly come to the 'End' screen, a reprise of the title screen, and it is time to press 'reset' to go.

A smart 4ktro, well up to current standards of expectation, and with a lot of the style seen in their game 'Willies Adventures'. Any further demos from this team are looked forward to!

(C) CiH, Oct '97

TECH VIEW: A nice little demo this, not as brainblasting as the DHS one but neatly designed nonetheless. The graphics corrupted when running from medium resolution on my machine, but the motion blur routine is especially neat for the use of a good colour table. The "tunnel" effect is in fact a revamped feedback effect, done by drawing two pillars at the side of the screen and the landscape floor, then using the feedback to "scroll" the effect outwards. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next. [tat]