new beat projects  
We are currently working on the following projects for the Atari series of computers:

Project: ACE
ACE is a complete 16-bit synthesizer for Atari Falcon030 compatible computers. It features one of the most advanced sound engines ever made for the Atari series of computers. ACE is the gathering title of two products, ACE MIDI and ACE Tracker. Both applications use the same sound engine which enables musicians from both worlds to exchange sounds and ideas even if the method of making music is completely different. There are some soft synthesizers already available for the Atari Falcon030, but none of these has the functionality of ACE, such as filters and MIDI support. ACE is aimed towards musicians whom want something completely new, easy to use, inspirational and fun to make music with.

The latest version of ACE MIDI is 2.0 (released in June, 2014). Download the demo version (version 1.01) from the productions page.

The latest version of ACE Tracker is 2.0 (released in June, 2014). Download it from the productions page.

Project: Nemesis Indicator
The most recent release of the Nemesis Indicator, version 2.01, features a CPU power saver mode that is activated after a specified time of keyboard and mouse inactivity. Once in power save mode, NIND the Nemesis is turned off until a key is pressed or the mouse is moved. For easy configuration, version 2.0 also comes with a CPX for the Atari XControl Panel.

As there has been a couple of requests for the source code of the Nemesis Indicator, all releases from version 2.0 also include the source code for all parts of the Nemesis Indicator.

Version 2.01 of the Nemesis Indicator (released in August 2017) can be downloaded from the the productions page.

Willie's Adventures
Willie's Adventures, the platform game for the Atari Falcon030 is probably the most delayed game ever that is still actually under development (April, 2014). Since the second preview in 1997 a lot of work has been put into it. Willie's Adventures is a huge project, though. Much more work than we possible could have imagined when we started working on it. Hopefully we will be able to complete it in a not too distant future, and we can assure all of you that are still waiting for it that you will not be disappointed.

Today the game features multiple playable characters, over 20 levels, intelligent enemies, parallax scrolling, a soundsystem with DSP effects like reverb and delay, support for both VGA and RGB monitors, support for hardware accelerators, joypad support, and much more! Everything running smoothly in full frame rate (50 frames per second) even on a standard Falcon030 computer.

The latest preview is getting rather old, but it will at least give you an idea of what the final version will be like. Download it from the productions page.